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Koushik Podder


Koushik Podder is deeply committed to extending the reach of the Indian art form- ‘in search of new body languages’. His main aim is to propagate his path breaking work ‘ in search of new body languages’ more visible both nationally and internationally.

Koushik Podder is trained in various Indian dance forms such as katthak, bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Indian folk dances and martial art forms of kalaripayattu, chhau and thang-ta. He also has a strong grip in contemporary and jazz.

He has a varied experience of working with various eminent Gurus of the world.

The Performances

MACBETH …the rage boils within…

The performance commences with the gradual portrayal of the relationship of the cruel and stark reality of the wants and need that lies dormant within the self.



It places the complete subjugation of the self to the basic negativities. It depicts the self, overcoming the royal platform and its complete obliteration. 

Finally, the realisation that the dark negative forces are always there within us, is also communicated to the audience making then a participatory component of the performance. 

The socio-politics, the socio-economical conflict and the socio- psychological parameters – all are brought into the countenance since, they all play a pivotal role in this veritable tag of war that happens every day in the contemporary as well as historical scenario 

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RIVER……The Mirror Of Existence

The performance of the play is in response to the great human and social issues which we face in our daily life, For last several years our home and the world have been witnessing various issues around us.  



In agonizing times the violence to women and girls is increasing day by day, which is concluding to the death of great ideas and lives. In the agony this presentation questions the shading of life. The main concept is to moralized the present situation of the women in our present world, the concept is to show the people the harsh reality and to ask them WHY?…

we as a team take initiative to start the journey with a small word the TRUTH .We want to highlight the darkness of the women life from the “ADI” to the so called contemporary world and will address the social and political situations of the present day. The play involves with the basic concept between humans and humanities. Our presentation opens up with the journey of a girl life, how a girl goes through her life , how she feels and how she dies without living her dream.

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 A three dimensional visual representation of what we call or more appropriately what we mean by a human life. It explores the thin line where the three states of mind, unconscious, subconscious and conscious meets with the three human natures, sattva, rajo and tamo guna with the changes of three major phases of life, childhood to youth, youth to young age and young age to old age.



 The reflection of unconscious mind, storehouse of our deep-seated emotions and memories of repressed desires or traumas can be seen in the people of “tamo guna”.Childhood reflects this fluctuating state of mind that is unable to decide between good and bad and follows the only biological needs like animals. Youth represents the “rajo guna” which can be linked with the consciousness of mind having the quality of being focused always on the desired goal. Again, People with sattvo guna has rich knowledge of outer world and so the old age mainly projects this “guna” for having the experience of life. Older people thus reflect on life with having the active subconscious state of mind. 

 This play addresses the contemporary issue of our conflicted judgment towards ourselves and others with a nude performance that stands as a strong metaphor of complex and multifaceted concept of conflict. 

Note:  This play contains nudity, restricted to over 21

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