Parellel Book 1 of the PRANA Series

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William David Anslow, Author


William is a YA Fiction author, who believes that everyone should follow their own dream. To the bitter end, always follow your heart!

He is a 28-year old author of the novel, Parallel, a story about a boy and his friends traveling to parallel universes.  It wasn’t, however, until late February of 2018 that he really began to sit down and write out the story that would eventually become Parallel. In the span of only two months, a week before his 28th birthday in fact, he finished the original manuscript for Parallel.

To say the least,

“I was amazed and enamored with myself for being able to pull a book out from the depths of my grey-matter.” 

The Book

Parallel, a novel
“I wasn’t sure where I was going, or who I would become. I just had to have faith. That was to say the least, anyways. The man in the black suit told me we would change the world, I just had to trust in him, no matter the circumstance. Although magical somehow, his methods were a bit strange. He could summon this unremarkable ‘celestial’ body of water: the river, and it would take me to a new world, a parallel universe. Or at least, that’s what I’ve been told.” P A R A L L E L a magical story woven for you, from William David Anslow The Thrilling First Book of the 5-part PRANA Series. A mysterious river gives a boy the opportunity of a lifetime: to travel to another universe, a parallel universe. Chase after the story of a disgruntled Callum Leil as he is guided through the connective web of parallel worlds by his mysterious mentor, an eccentric man in a black suit. Lose yourself in the drama surrounding Callum’s, abrupt, sudden disappearance and his sister, Vivian’s journey down the rabbit hole to find him. An unparalleled adventure that will surely leave you wondering, “WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!”


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