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About Gala

It was a good omen from the beginning … For GALA and its three members: Luis Araujo, Arturo Duran and Emiliano Báez, it was not difficult to find a connection of styles that allowed them to express their influences on the sound they were trying to create. A project that was born in the year 2017 in the city of Mexico, when Luis and Arturo decided to formalize it and enter fully into the composition stage, the result of which 7 themes (simple) that will make up their first EP in the future. 

This is how in Estudios Churubusco, and with the addition of its new member Emiliano, they shape and polish the sound that is now GALA. Mixing influences from the 80’s with a more pop style and a bit of rock, mainly with Vapor-wave tints. In April of 2018 and in this place the band was born and a future full of good expectations, after having offers from the elite of cinema, theater and music, gathered in this iconic place. Even with a limited number of shows but a solid material and a fresh proposal, GALA decides to sign in the Agency of Artistic Representation “SOAInternational” and enter the studio to produce their first material. 

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